Mia Randall interviewed on OmCities.com

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by OmCities.com which is a free social networking site for mindful people.

I do try to be mindful, so I’m counting myself in!

The interview was about my book on meditation (and some other questions about my practice – read the interview here)

Based in Philadelphia, the team behind OmCities have created an online space is where people interested in health and wellness , yoga, meditation and all that kind of stuff (I love all that!) can get together to share and discuss.

Here’s some info that I’ve taken from a press release:

“What we found was that before launching OmCities ( http://omcities.com ), it was incredibly difficult for people with only a home practice to get advice on their Yoga practice or to find a sense of community.” says CEO and developer Cole Carter. “With OmCities we were focused on designing a platform that would help solve those problems.”

“as a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years, I am pleased to be able to help grow the online yoga community, because yoga is truly for everyone.” (Roslynne Carter, OmCities.com)

As someone with a mainly home-based yoga and meditation practice, I really enjoy interacting with other meditation and yoga practitioners online and continue to learn so much from the online community. So I know that OmCities.com is onto something here!

You can visit OmCities.com here – see you there!

mia randall

mia randall

Mia Randall is a regular meditator and passionate advocate of the health benefits of meditation. Mia has a degree in psychology and can often be found writing and blogging on the subjects of Meditation, Buddhism and Yoga. (Meditation Motivation book on Amazon) (Ten Days to Daily Yoga book on Amazon) She writes to bring joy and inspiration to herself and others. In her spare time she enjoys reading Kindle books, cooking and tweeting although not usually all at the same time! She thanks her readers for supporting her in her writing endeavours. Note from Mia: Please note that I do not endorse or recommend any meditation products. A mat is all you need to meditate! Thank you!

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