Meditation and Time Management

I have come to the conclusion that meditation and time management are strongly linked!

Mia Randall


When we sit in meditation, time can pass quite slowly (especially if we are experiencing unpleasant thoughts or an uncomfortable sitting position..)

If we meditate regularly, sometimes the mind seems to rise above time, transcend time in some way. This leads to the question: Is meditation a way to slow down time and squeeze more minutes out of the day?

When we pay more attention, such as when we go on retreat, we can notice the wind outside come and go, or the rain start and cease, all in one meditation sitting. This is certainly a different concept of time to when time flies by without us noticing anything, such as when we just sit down with a cup of tea in front of the TV!

Could mindfulness help us to squeeze more minutes out of the day when time passes too quickly for us?

It can certainly help us to become more productive by increasing our capacity to resist distracting urges. An ability to resist urges increases our productivity and output so if we are writers, we can get words on the page in a more determined and focussed frame of mind!

But we don’t just raise our performance through meditation. We become more thoughtful and can make wiser decisions by being more in tune to the outcomes of our behaviours. This is a great time management skill because so much energy and time can be wasted sorting out the chaos caused by wrong decisions!

Through meditation our minds become more focussed. We are more aware and therefore make less mistakes. Isn’t this time management? Not having to go back and sort out our mistakes!?

Through meditation we also come to know ourselves better. This includes finding out what time of day we work best. When we’re in tune with ourselves, we can choose our best time of day to work on our projects, whether we’re night owls or early morning ‘larks’!

Yoga is also a mindfulness practice. Perhaps writing a book is a bit like the cart analogy used to describe yoga. If you haven’t heard of that analogy before, it’s this: developing a regular yoga practice can be described as like pushing a cart up a hill. The first few days are really difficult, like pushing your weight against a cart to get it started. When the cart is moving, you find that you can go a bit faster, your efforts seem more effective, and the cart moves up the hill more easily!

Yoga is great for removing obstacles in your life. If you are able to try yoga, see if it works for removing obstacles to your life!


Motivation to Meditate



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