Meditation Book Reviews

Here’s some reviews of “Meditation Motivation – A Quick Tour of Buddhism and 20 Easy Tips to Create a Daily Practice” and “Ten Days to Daily Yoga”

Thanks so much kind readers for taking the time to write a review – I read every single one and am so very grateful.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this 10 day guide to get back on track to practicing yoga on a daily basis. I have a busy work schedule and just lost track of time. Mia is helping me regain my focus at my own pace. I love it!” (Ten Days to Daily Yoga) Read this review on Amazon UK

“I used to do a bit of Yoga a longtime ago. Not sure why I gave it up, more like it was quite difficult to get some peaceful time to myself when my kids were young. Now they are older I thought I would take up yoga again after talking to a friend who had just started a yoga/pilates class on the advice of her Dr due to her having a bad back. I have a bad back and stiff neck and shoulders so I thought the stretching exercises of yoga would be beneficial” (Ten Days to Daily Yoga)  Read this review on Amazon UK 

“For the same price as a Starbucks drink I found encouraging words and a distillation of practical Buddhism. Well worth the price” (Meditation Motivation – A Quick Tour of Buddhism) read this review here on Amazon US

“I was looking for some simple guidance of forming my own daily practice as I have trouble now and then maintaining a daily one. This book was simple and effective. It has some wonderful and practical tips for the second half and a great into of Buddhism for the first half. The authors down-to-earth style holds your attention and really explains advanced concepts easily to our western world. Worth well over the price.”

“Does exactly as the title suggests! A great starter for those interested in Buddhism and meditation and wanting to find out the basics. Written in a no nonsense likeable style which is neither over complicated or patronising. Really helpful and enjoyable.”

“I was searching for an easy to read introduction to Buddhism and Meditation and this book delivered. The information Mia provided on The 4 Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path made the philosophies of Buddhism feel accessible. The tips and the quotes Mia provided were very helpful for me in starting my daily meditation practice. I highly recommend this book!”

“If you are a beginner as myself,I highly recommend reading this first. I already have learned so much.
I especially enjoyed the quotes from Buddha, and hope to include them in my daily life. I know re reading this book is essential to my long term success, and healthy living.”

“I really enjoyed this book – easy to read, wonderful photographs and some wonderfully inspirational quotes. This is the first time I have looked into a book on Buddhism, and I am very glad I did. thank you for the gentle introduction.”

“This book is straight to the point and easy to read. I’ve been able to use the tips in my practice right away”

“A well written text any beginner can follow with ease. The presentation is both logical and nicely set out with easy to find headings. There is a non-judgemental gentleness that comes through this author’s work. Randall encourages the reader to find and follow a Path that feels right for them and not some pre-scripted route to salvation. I found this book to be both motivational and enlightening…”

“I teach Buddhist meditation and I am always on the lookout for ways to support peoples meditation at home. It’s so easy to enjoy the class and yet somehow not get around actually practicing at home. Mia gives not only gives 20 useful tips but also an good introduction to the Buddhist Path, outlining Four Noble Truths and the 8 fold path in a very accessible way. And such a good price! Viramitra”

“This short book is so well written and is ideal for anyone considering the path to enlightenment. Great tips for maintaining meditation practice.”

“This book is clear and concise with helpful introductory advice that you can really use and apply, even with a modern hectic lifestyle. A lovely read and pitched perfectly for those of us starting out with meditation. Also included are inspiring quotes from Buddha. Highly recommended!”

“What a wonderful enlightening text. Mia has an easy way of sharing the joy and benefits of meditation with us.
I can’t wait to read her blog!”

Motivation to Meditate

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Ten Days to Daily Yoga


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