Meditation Motivation

Meditation Motivation – A Quick Tour of Buddhism and 20 Easy Tips to Create a Daily Practice

Meditation has been a wonderful teacher to me and has imparted so many benefits to my life (and continues to do so)

Rather than keep all of the things that I’ve learned (through teachers and through my own practice), I decided to write a little book to help other people to meditate regularly too!

Here’s some info about the book:

Struggling to meditate regularly or new to meditation? Meditating regularly can be very difficult to do, especially when we are busy. However, to really experience the benefits of meditation, a regular practice is essential.

In this book, Mia guides the reader on a journey towards a more firmly grounded practice that can withstand the obstacles that we all, from time to time, put in the way of our meditation practice. By looking at the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, we learn how meaning and purpose can be conveyed to our meditation, giving us the will and determination to meditate on a regular basis.

Short of time to meditate? Learn 20 easy motivational tips and secrets (including charts) to create and maintain a daily practice to fit in with even the most hectic lifestyle!

Readers comments:

“I was looking for some simple guidance of forming my own daily practice as I have trouble now and then maintaining a daily one. This book was simple and effective. It has some wonderful and practical tips for the second half and a great into of Buddhism for the first half. The authors down-to-earth style holds your attention and really explains advanced concepts easily to our western world. Worth well over the price.”

“Does exactly as the title suggests! A great starter for those interested in Buddhism and meditation and wanting to find out the basics. Written in a no nonsense likeable style which is neither over complicated or patronising. Really helpful and enjoyable.”

“I was searching for an easy to read introduction to Buddhism and Meditation and this book delivered. The information Mia provided on The 4 Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path made the philosophies of Buddhism feel accessible. The tips and the quotes Mia provided were very helpful for me in starting my daily meditation practice. I highly recommend this book!” (Amazon US)

“This book is clear and concise with helpful introductory advice that you can really use and apply, even with a modern hectic lifestyle. A lovely read and pitched perfectly for those of us starting out with meditation. Also included are inspiring quotes from Buddha. Highly recommended!” (Amazon UK)

About Meditation Motivation – A Quick Tour of Buddhism and 20 Easy Tips to Create A Daily Practice

Meditating regularly isn’t easy. I have struggled at times to maintain a daily practice and I know I’m not alone in that. Even people who have been studying and practicing meditation for many years encounter difficulties from time to time. None of us are perfect, we are human and all we can do is try, make an effort and when we fail, keep on trying!

When I’m meditating on a regular basis, I feel happier – more ‘centred’ and less buffeted by the ups and downs of everyday life. Because of this, I want to meditate regularly and I know that to remind myself of why I meditate helps to galvanise me to get on the cushion more regularly.

Meditation Motivation

I should point out here that I’m not a meditation teacher. I haven’t lived in a monastery for years or devoted my life to meditation. I have enormous admiration and respect for anyone who has. I’m an ordinary person who has developed an interest in meditation.

My introduction to meditation came about when I first visited India some 15 years ago. By visiting meditation centres and Ashrams, I explored some fascinating teachings from the rich variety of religious and philosophical groups that can be found in such a wonderfully diverse country. Since then I have done many courses and retreats, absorbing (and probably often failing to absorb!) all kinds of insights and knowledge, some of it from teachers and some of it gleaned through my own practice.

One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve had is not to follow any teacher blindly, but to develop my own mind and try things for myself before formulating an opinion. That advice applies equally to the reader. Meditation has to be discovered for yourself. People can guide you but no-one can meditate for you. Meditation is something that can’t be delegated! However a teacher can teach you the basics – guide you through the difficulties if you are just starting out.

If you’re new to meditation, I think that joining a meditation group or class, or doing some drop-in group meditation sessions is to be recommended. When I started out meditating I had lots of questions (and they keep on coming!) No matter how good the teacher, though, the insights we gain from meditation have to be discovered through our own experience.

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Mia has a degree in psychology and can often be found writing and blogging on the subjects of meditation and Buddhism. She writes to bring joy and inspiration to herself and others.

In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading Kindle books, cooking and tweeting (@mettamia), although not usually all at the same time!

She thanks her readers for supporting her in her writing endeavours.

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