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The following links are to individuals and businesses who have supported this site in one way or another, or those that I just think are great!


Free Buddhist Audio

One of my favourite sources for Buddhist podcasts is Free Buddhist Audio

It's a great website for downloading FREE podcasts of Buddhist teachings.

You can search the site by speaker or subject and there are so many podcasts available on different subjects. I love to listen to them on the train, or while doing housework or walking. When I'm feeling drained, the talks inspire me and lift me up. I've also learned a lot about Buddhism through the podcasts.

Free Buddhist Audio collects voluntary donations through their site, but you don't have to donate if you don't want to.

free buddhist audio

The Kindseat is a portable, comfortable meditation seat that has been designed by ordained Buddhist teacher and Engineer Viramitra.
It's adjustable and just the thing to make your daily meditations that! little bit more comfortable! Also a great portable seat to take on retreat. I like the Kindseat so much, that I've written a whole post about it here!
Relaxation Meditation Music

The relaxation and health benefits of listening to music are well known to cultures around the world. Music can be used as a tool to help those suffering from anxiety, stress, or those who just want to meditate and develop deep states of peace and harmony.

Kevin Briggs has created some wonderful relaxing meditation music that you can read about on his website

His music is recommended by the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (he was commissioned by them to compose music for their practitioners) and his album has charted in the top 10 iTunes album downloads in Australia.

Soothing for the soul and promoting feelings of well-being and peacefulness, this music will resonate with anyone interested in discovering their authentic selves by being at one with these wonderful calming sounds!

relaxation meditation music

Did you know that fitness trainer and instructor jobs in the US are set to grow by 24% to the year 2020?

Time to re-evaluate your career?

If you’re thinking of getting into the personal training profession, could really help you out.

They provide a comprehensive educational resource on the subject of fitness related careers.

If you’re just starting out, you might be faced with a confusing choice of job roles (strength trainer, physical therapist, exercise physiologist.. )
- not only that, there are also several different certifications that you can get in the US. These include the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and several others - each with its own exams and certification procedures!

My readers may already know that I love health and fitness! - What I like about is that it covers the job requirements and skillsets for different kinds of fitness industry roles so that you can start on the right path in what is set to be a growing industry.

Good luck in your path to a healthy future and a healthy job!

Wu Tao Dance

Wu Tao Dance (pronounced Wu Dao) increases body tone, flexibility and generates positive energy by using dance, music and meditation to harmonise the Qi (energy) flow in your body.

Rather than dumping your negative feelings on the people closest to you, why not try dance?

Negative emotions are stored in the body. Holding on to anger affects your organs (it’s often said that our bodies and even our lives are the result of the thoughts that we have had in the past)

Our meridian channels can become stagnant over time. The Wu Tao dance movements are soft and flowing to get the Qi energy flowing through those meridians! It’s also an excellent way of letting go of emotions such as grief and for helping you to move on.

Wu Tao is based on the principles of traditional chinese medicine and each dance brings balance and harmony to a particular pair of organs and meridians. Specific images and visualisations are used to help you connect with the energy and purpose of the dance and special belly breathing brings Qi into the belly where it is stored.

It’s the perfect way to revitalise yourself and a great way of creating lasting positive changes in your life. It’s also a really fun way to relieve stress and look after your soul!

If you’re interested in Wu Tao dance, check out the Wu Tao youtube channel so that you can get a feel for it! There is also a great information pdf available from


If you're thinking about booking a spa holiday or going on a yoga retreat, you'll be aware that there are lots of choices of resorts, hotels and locations.

The choice can be quite overwhelming!

SpaIndex has lots of different resorts on its site and wow! do I like the look of some of them! My idea of heaven!

If you like the look of a hotel or resort on the site, you can click through to visit the individual hotel's website, which I think is a great feature.

There's also lots of info on choosing the perfect retreat for you.

Happy holidays!
Yoga Venture

A fantastic range of Yoga holidays run by a great team. Recommended!

A social network for mindful people. See you over there! provides free resources for patients and their families affected by Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare and often fatal cancer of the mesothelium (the protective sac that covers the internal organs). It is almost always caused by exposure to Asbestos.

Australia has the second highest rate of deaths from Mesothelioma (the highest is the UK). Asbestos was mined in Australia, predominantly at Woodsreef mine near Barraba in New South Wales, which opened in 1919 and closed in the 1980's. 500,000 tonnes of Asbestos was produced from this mine and it is said that the local environment is still suffering from the residue.

US Military Veterans are one of the groups most widely affected by exposure to Asbestos as it was considered ideal to use due to it's insulating and fire retardant properties. If you're interested in this, here's an article on the use of Asbestos in US Navy Ships:

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