Buddha, Dharma and Sangha: Triple Gem!

Triple Gem!

Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. “The three jewels” No, not ruby or sapphire or diamond! I’m talking about the Three Jewels of Buddhism!

The Three Jewels are also called the ‘Three Refuges’, or my favourite: ‘Triple Gem!’

What is Buddha Dharma Sangha?


Buddha means to be our Buddha nature. We can all be a Buddha straight away, we just have to be a Buddha! For example, we can all act kindly and compassionately and wisely, straight away! To emulate and take on the Buddha’s positive qualities is what it means to be a Buddha.

If we want to develop our Buddha nature, we can look at images of Buddha to help us incorporate positive attributes that we perceive in Buddha into our own personalities and actions.


Dharma or Dhamma are the Buddha’s teachings. The stuff we learn from books about Buddhism, or what we learn when we go to a Buddhist centre and examine texts and teachings.


Sangha is the Buddhist community. A community of people who are trying to be Buddhas! (or are being Buddhas!)

We need all three of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to progress on the way.

It’s not always easy to be part of a Sangha. There are online sanghas which can be beneficial and I love to learn from Buddhists online. If you have the opportunity, I would also really recommend getting down to a centre where you can speak to other people who are interested in Buddhism. Personally by bouncing ideas off other people, I learn so much.

Also, by learning of other people’s difficulties on the path, I always feel reassured, as I am often going through the same things, discovering the same things, or struggling with the same things. And the shared joy of finding that something makes sense – a teaching clicks into context – something that we can take to the world to improve lives! Wonderful!

So there you go – a brief introduction to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha!

Buddha, Dharma and Sangha - Triple Gem!

Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – Triple Gem!

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mia randall

mia randall

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